Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loving what I do

Today on the way to Target shoot at Space studio, NYC I was in elevator with some people. They  were working at the office in the building and exchanged couple of regular phrases:
- Hi. How are you?
- ... Good... U know, as always....
- Yeah... Thank God its Wednesday!
- Oh yeah... But it feels so much already. I have so much work to do...
- Yah....

I felt really blessed at that moment! And so excited! I am a freelance make-up artist in NY. I have so much to do since besides my artistry I have an educational company in Russia. But for me it's all excited because I love what I do and I'm passionate about it! I want to say " OMG it's already Wednesday!!! What's happened with Monday and Tuesday?"  Every day I have a job I feel blessed! Sometimes I have to wake up super early and maybe go do weird locations... But it's so exiting! I love my job! It's a million different people every day, new places, clothes, ideas and I get to to what I love the most - make-up:-)
Instead of office I have a set, instead of computer - brushes, intend of stability - excitement. But then when I have a job I learn appreciate it and give it everything I can! I'm glad to have a every possible job especially in this unpredictable economy and crazy competition on the market. But I don't even look at another artist as a competition - they are my colleagues. I feel blessed! I can not even describe my frrlings... I love every single moment of my life!!!

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